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ZOOM Teeth Whitening
Thousand Oaks

Zoom Teeth Whitening has become a popular option for teeth whitening and is the most widely used light activated teeth whitening system by dentists worldwide. A Brilliant Smile Dentist in Thousand Oaks also uses Zoom for teeth whitening (and tooth bleaching). Itís great for anyone looking to whiten their teeth immediately.

Zoom is considered by some to be a teeth bleaching alternative because it contains hydrogen peroxide-based teeth whitening gel and a bleaching light. With the use of a mercury metal halide light that emits a violet colored light at 350-400 nanometers, the gel is activated and the teeth bleaching process initiated. Both the top and bottom teeth can be treated at the same time.

ZOOM Teeth Whitening in Westlake Village

How Long Does the Zoom Teeth Whitening Process Take?

A Brilliant Smile Dentist in Thousand Oaks uses Zoom manufactured by Philips.

The Zoom Teeth Whitening process, performed in our office, usually requires a little more than an hour of your time. Pre- and post- teeth whitening treatments are included in that time.

Is the Zoom Teeth Whitening System Considered Laser Teeth Whitening?

No. Thereís a common misconception that Zoom uses a laser to whiten teeth. In fact, it uses ultraviolet light to activate the teeth bleaching gel. Due to this misconception, itís easy to understand why many people confuse laser teeth whitening with light-activated teeth whitening.