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There is no secret to creating a healthy smile. Regular prevention and maintenance will deliver a gorgeous, healthy smile that can last a lifetime. Your experience at A Brilliant Smile Dentist in Thousand Oaks begins with a thorough exam, which includes checking for cavities, loose crowns or fillings, oral cancer, periodontal disease, and other oral problems. Dr. Shirin will listen to your concerns and answer your questions in simple language. Your exam with us may be the most informative and comprehensive dental exam you’ll ever receive.

Twice a year, you should visit Dr. Shirin for a thorough cleaning and digital x-rays. Your regular checkups allow us to find oral health issues in the earliest stages so that we can provide conservative dental therapy. We use digital x-rays and intraoral photography to help us locate areas of concern in your dentition and supporting oral structures. Digital x-rays emit up to 90-percent less radiation than traditional X-rays so you can rest assured that at A Brilliant Smile our methods are the safest and most effective procedures available.

Did you know that periodontal disease, commonly called gum disease, is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States? Dr. Shirin will assess your gums for signs of this silent destroyer, then we’ll offer non-surgical therapy in our Thousand Oaks office. Gums are an important part of your healthy smile!

Often administered to children, fluoride treatments and dental sealants can prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is a mineral that keeps teeth strong and healthy – and it wards off dangerous dental caries. Likewise, dental sealants are invisible coatings that we apply to teeth as a protective barrier against cavities. Dr. Shirin wants to keep your smile healthy by preventing problems. Ask about fluoride therapy and dental sealants at your next visit.

Dr. Shirin prefers to place white teeth fillings instead of dark amalgams, also known as silver or mercury fillings. Composite resin can match existing dentition then placed into the hole left by tooth decay. Because composite resin is white, patients can retain a beautiful, natural looking smile with strong fillings that look and feel terrific.

Bruxism is a condition in which a patient grinds or clenches teeth, often at night during sleep. This destructive habit can cause tooth wear and breakage. Often, bruxism is caused by temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) or stress. Dr. Shirin offers bruxism therapy with comfortable oral appliances. At A Brilliant Smile, we can custom-make a nightguard to protect your teeth from nighttime or daytime grinding.

Many patients are not aware that people without teeth statistically do not live as long as those with a complete smile. Missing teeth negatively affect diet, speech, and self-esteem. Don’t allow missing teeth to impact your quality of life. Dr. Shirin works with talented technicians who fabricate lifelike dentures and partials with the latest dental materials. You can have your strong, full, healthy smile back with a denture or partial that fits comfortably and looks fabulous. Ask Dr. Shirin about dental implants for missing teeth if you would like permanent prosthetics.

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